Simply Put.
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Anonymous asked: What is your dream job?

To be a self employed graphic designer or to work for a big corporation like google or apple

Guess where we are? 💁 #AmericanIdol @americanidol @tvfansrock
Anonymous asked: Please do your coming out story, it would really help!

In a video? It’s really not that good lol

Anonymous asked: what do you listen to when you workout?

A lot of hard core rap. Lol


Richmond, VA (1964) © Charles Rosson
Anonymous asked: Where are you from


Anonymous asked: You get to create an ideal room that's all yours. It can be any "type" of room, but it must be indoors. There is absolutely no budget or restrictions. What does it look like?

I want all the walls to be able to be drawn on…and half the floor to be a giant bed…and the wall opposite the window(which will be big) will be straight gold.