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Anonymous asked: Do u accept people on your Facebook when they sent u a request ? Cuz I am a huge fan of you and Bobbi here in tumblr ☺😊

I don’t…I actually don’t use Facebook at all really

Anonymous asked: Are you guys making new videos?

Eventually yes but both of us are
Really busy right now. 😔

Anonymous asked: What is your course in college?

Graphic design and web design

Anonymous asked: I mean im a big fan of you and Alyssa

Omg that makes me so happy😋

Anonymous asked: Your blog's cool... but your twitter's kind of unmotivating...

Well my twitter is somewhere where I can throw up my thoughts. What is the point of twitter anyways?

Anonymous asked: Are you still studying? or working now?

I’m both studying and working :/


One year together. Forever. ❤️ aleesuhh4

Words of Emotion
Anonymous asked: How many siblings Do u Have? are you the eldest?

One and yes


Slim chino / Indigo Mele

Photography by Naho Kubota
Styling by Jeremy Lewis
One year. 
And I love you more than ever. 
So much has happened…we have had our ups and downs and our good and bad but I have had you through it all. I can’t wait for what else life throws at us, what we have to learn, and what we have yet to do. Happy anniversary baby girl. I love you ❤️ #92913 #ILoveYou #ItsBeenTooLong #Lesbian #AreWeCuteYet